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9:43 am Police Ignored Family’s Pleas for Help


7:42 am Ray Mitchell and Mary Mitchell located in the area of 6932-6940 S King Drive, it is a home located o the west side in the 6900 block of King Drive. I want a sweep of that entire block on that side of the street, picking up all between 6930-6940.

7:39 am My NASA view says that the address may range from 1022-1045 W Maxwell, so I want a complete SWEEP of EVERY Juvenile in that area until I SWEEP Deja OUT of that area, so if they hold my child hostage every male in that zone from (homes surrounding) 1022-1045 need to be picked up immediately until Deja gets home!

7:21 am So you know what they are doing to my family but no one is doing anything all of you just TALK about this, is that all we need to do is TALK?

Dorothy Wright Tillman Dorothy Wright Tillman ON AIR LIVE at theTalk of Chicago WVON 1690AM. Streaming Live on theInternet at http://www.wvon.com. Join the discussion at 773-591-1690

7:19 am Having a child who has been kidnapped, talking about… Muslims looking for them oh you know that also

In Pursuit of:

6:53 am I need a “LIVE LOOK” at the home from NASA please:) and I want EVERYONE in that area to know I can see EVERYTHING happening. Dale I even prayed for your auto to be tapped baby, go ahead I have a GPS on that one, come on let me show you what having a tail will do for you, I am just getting started.

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6:40 am You know state of Illinois, there has been one too many mistakes made with my children and you know I have run my patience in all of this madness about MY children, whom the state of Illinois seems to think I am joking about the actions and litigation that will follow behind the madness my children have to endure.

Just FYI: If you were to check the record of:

Ardell Sims (Curtis, Olorode) you will find her past employer O’Hare Parking FIRED her for Credit Card Fraud, you will also find that she has committed several acts of theft by deception, using credit cards to obtain illegal purchases, prostitution and other illegal and immoral acts.

If you look even further you will learn that she was accused of abuse of her own child “Natiya” setting her hair on fire in jealousy. So what do you think she cares about my child?

Felicia knew what she was doing she wanted Dale to do this to Deja and she got what she wanted!

Be sure to skip-trace her last 3 addresses over the past 10 years, phone numbers, locations, employment and such to find all of the locations then skip each address for links to activity in her name or other alias used during that time.

Information on Ardell Curtis at Public Background Checks


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