Check you FACTS (FAX)

8:57 am Sending off end of the week reports to all of my governing bodies, I even have a surprise in there for you, please check your fax machine upon going into your office.

City Hall I submitted a copy of the report Dr. Bell’s team did at CMHC I want to make sure that BEFORE I see Ed tomorrow he and members of the health board get a copy for their review since we hold their funding:)

You do know that Dr. Bell and Dr. Conrad Murray (Jackson’s Killer) are FRIENDS via LisaRaye and Vegas RIGHT??? You knew that of course you did!

So before we have a who next, just think is that how we loss Bernie, who else, awh man do I have to do this list it’s too damn long!

8:54 am Hey Tony Blair did you tell KC that you have HIV or is it because she might have it too that neither one of you care???

I am just asking, by the way if you see his car parked in front of my house he is NOT here with me he is here with a woman who lives 2 buildings DOWN from me, you know Tony Blair cannot get that close to me, he just likes to get on my nerves like that!

You know Audrey Blair (Tony Jr’s Mom) was my homie and Tish and I are cool, my God children’s Mom’s come on now!

I guess she likes being crapped upon hun…SUCKER!

6:34 am I have thought hard and long… I am not going to LA I am not staying in Illinois this month I am taking a break from it all I will be going on vacation 8/14/09 until 8/17/09!

It is not important where I am going I just need time away from Chicago, away from people away from home to take time for me!

I don’t want to talk this is starting to hit home that “I”, my life, the looser’s around me…

Janet, honestly I don’t want to be close to you, I just don’t… you know why.

Illinois has betrayed me like this??? When I think of how I have busted my A$$ for this state and this is what I get?

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