Medical Marijuana Bill Poised for House Floor Vote

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After Making History in Senate, Medical Marijuana Bill Poised for House Floor Vote

Last update: June 1, 2009

On May 27, the Senate passed the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act — SB 1381 — by a vote of 30-28. Within 48 hours, the bill had already soared through the House Human Services Committee and was ready for its final reading and vote on the House floor. Tax legislation, however, occupied all of the House’s time in the session’s final hours.

The measure could be brought to the House floor for a vote during the November veto session or when the General Assembly reconvenes in January 2010 for the second half of the current session.

Please send your representative an e-mail urging him or her to vote “yes” on SB 1381 when the time comes.

After you’ve written your representative, please follow up with a call.

With your help, Illinois could very well become the 14th state to enact an effective medical marijuana law, but we need as many people as possible taking action in order to make this a reality.

One thing that will help move SB 1381 to the House floor is positive stories in the press.

Please send a letter to the editor using the template we have provided.

Thank you for supporting the Marijuana Policy Project and all of our allies. Please subscribe to our free legislative alert service to help make this the last year Illinois threatens the sick and dying with arrest.

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