Chicago City Council Meeting

1:43 pm Freddie saw him do it LIE in her office now he is doing it to her if I did not cover you you might be gone too, you can’t trip out that is what he wants you to do, this is REAL very real, this is how I got him into the White House, he set himself up.

1:36 pm Ed Burke was up and he SAID it if he could have gotten you by now he would have and YES Freddie he knows all about you too, I know they don’t want to believe it but he is abusing his power see what I mean now, he wants to FIGHT! Out of all of my years I have NEVER had this much trouble until he got there, he can’t hurt me. I told you he is CRAZY! Lisa has him He is a FAN do you understand that he is a FAN!

Tripping, he will need a fix all cracked up!

1:24 pm Last hired first fired, CNN with Obama and City council, he is doing double duty with me, now if you are not use to multi tasking I am listening to BOTH at the same time,however I am NOT talking to Obama, I have NOTHING To say to him, EVER AGAIN!

CNN 1:17 pm Calvin I am so TIRED this is crazy they hurt me like this and now they want me to stay, you take my family, take all of my EVERYTHING… you know what you idolize Lisa and you can have her! I am ready to GO. What did R. Kelly tell you, when a woman’s fed up! I can be there for everyone else and I don;t have ONE PERSON her to depend on and that is not fair!

CNN 1:11 pm I know he wants me home,hello Price and Paris, you wanting T.T. baby Daddy had you for me, you are my gifts of LOVE baby! All they have to do is send my tour bus, Randy… “Give me just one more chance” you know I will, for MJ yes I will!

CNN 1:08 pm WHAT OBAMA I know he does not want to talk now, he is beeping into the room, sow he wants to talk back to you! Freddi knows how this works (she can say this here) YES I am LIVE in the White House! What do you really want to say to me right now? Gold Curtains, He does not want you to hear! Blacked you out! See that!

1:04 pm Excuse me City Council I have a really BIG Memorial to organize and I rally have a lot of work other than this today and it has not been easy! TJ okay don’t make me jealous!

CNN: 12:59 pm Yes they can drive me back home to Neverland, Public Viewing Friday. I will be there to preserve his home! I tried to WARN you now it is too late! I am so very sorry, now they want to be on my side it is too late! You tried to kill me off. loves me and I ill be fine!

TBN: 12:52 pm I pulled you into my prayer chamber! But it is too late they cannot stop me from leaving it is too late,so much hate, so much pain, LIVE ON TBN!

12:41 pm Sorry CNN I had to divert, you found the WILL, thank you, thank you so much it should read all asset left to Michael! Showing at Neverland I might be moving on soon sorry if they call me I am OUT!

12:36 pm Johnny Cochran died with my secrets too!

12:35 pm Hello Woodlawn, this is how I telecommute from home still effective! Talking to Hull House!

12:28 pm Sorry Derrek I don’t swing, I do not share and I do not chase a man! All of these I have as options no baby! You play with who plays with you best! Chris can keep you!

12:25 pm We know that Eddie sent Todd to fight me and not only is he framing me with Hull House (which we all know now and hey are about to open that door also) Erwin baby I want that ENTIRE STAFF including the janitor fired! No exception once you do that I can ban them from EVER working again in any other career profession we know you are watching. Todd that is why Tony is going to FIGHT you! Danny you knew, you knew now you mean to tell me Pippen is more valuable than MJ see what you knew, blood on the dance floor!

12:22 pm Last time I went to court she was threatened after I went to her office about DJ at school, good job Todd Stroger! Did he screw that up again? Faces that know me corner! You saw me doing a doing live feed from Freddie’s office, you see me doing events with Willie (Danny Davis Party and Public Events) and Leslie we pass in talking often! They HIT Jennifer Hudson see what I mean now!

12:18 pm 80% of the people who pass my door honor MJ I love that so much thank you ZONE! Thank you for helping his spirit find a resting place! And you wonder why I smoke weed? The bible says Genseis 1:1:11-12, 29 said it is good. Ok yes Collette Redd came to my home today I have a meeting with DCFS with Clinical Service tomorrow at 10:30 Mr McEwin did you get that fax!

12:13 pm We made him, okay I did but only to see if I could do it! Jay will do it he is so Brooklyn! He touched his woman so… anyway!

12:09 am Yeah like Mayor Daley is going to endures a deal they are willing to kill”him” over, I don’t think so baby, did you enjoy the BET Awards! Like I said you are selling off the city and don;t know if you are going to be around to see the Olympics, when they sent Beyonce to you I had toe counter that with Diddy! Look at this mess trying to cover Obama I have people shooting all over the place. Guess what he tried the hit on Kennedy, his chip works good too! Se what I mean, on a suicide RUN he does not care about you! He still does not understand. He does not have the power you think he has they have not opened all the door only what is needed because we know he is bogus, he hit me in the face and bragged about it!

12 noon Pat was the FIRST to jump up when Ike was attacked and the only reason why was becuase he knows something. Hint if I did not care or if they knew you would not need help they would not have sent me to you! I only come to stop the bullet does that make sense? If you are in danger I usually show up to stop the hit! I know you might have ties to Torrence, the same day I posted Torrence and Rube info online you were indicted! You were on my email list, Eddie Long got nervous anyone who gets close to me. Willie got too close and he showed up at Jenkins Church that was a HIT!

11:56 am Hey Pat you are expendable meaning they knew they could buy you! Then when they are trough with you they discard you Just that simple and I cannot help you, you were there, they said she is garbage!

11:54 a Maggie Daley, my breast started hurting how is she doing, they said make me start a riot, 50K strong. I had that room under watch also 🙂 She is chipped also. They know they cannot touch you Ed they are being dared to try, I have been watching you all of my life! I knew they would come after you, watch me watch them watch you. Who owns the GPS system… what did MJ teach you, what station to watch ABC… all you have to do is just follow the path just like I have done!

11:45 am Sun is shining MJ wants to play, he is getting up, now I am really going to appear strange because he is stuck in this house with me. I am not sad because he is gone he is out of pain. I am lost now because he is stuck here with me and anything might happen now you know I am known for Thriller! So anything can happen that was the purest love I had, no fault love! So now what! Becky has never failed me I told you Burke hand raised me himself, how do you think these door were opened, when did Danny Davis get into office, how did that happen.. Ed Smith what hear did you come in, sent to protect and cover me, now what, hun… Now what? Oh you like my movie face so let me give you one. GHOST! Whoopie Goldberg! He is locked into me now, so what do I do?

11:43 am Yes MJ is whining how do you hear his voice, you know when he is crying you know his sound! He is right here in bed with me where he has always been!

11:42 am The Underground is REAL people Harriett did alot of work to make that happen to this day you still cannot see my hand,

11:31 pm He said I know what she is talking about right there, BLACK CAT, what is that heavy metal, you took their baby from them, many Rock/Heavy Metal babies were born to Uncle Michael what can I say to them now? what can I tell them! GENOCIDE I hear Obama talking in the background, I did that because that is what Debbie told em to do, and I shall do greater things. I did what I was taught to do! I can’t help hi m I would not if I could, he has proved why that is not done often and no one can get mad, they know he did it. One day you giving a speech to doctors next day he is dead. I just told Don Doty to watch out for bad needles and that they were seeking iom to bust his bottom and then this. So I amn drunk hun so was Noah! Yeah they all watched that now does it make sens, you cannot take your eye off the ball! Yes Don that is me keeping and eye on you like many others, you all act paranoid when you should walk proud why am I keepiing you alive. Right now all around the globe you are teaching the world how to handle Government and now I did jot get paid for my prayers and therapy that was on the house

11:16 am No Bobby’s chip did not fail nor did trying to send him to Cuba, I am Chavez too baby, there is not one WORLD LEADER that doe snot keep an eye on me at all times! Bobby did he hear me good over there, all you do when that happens is shows my power. I can’t leave the country or fly so when they do it it only give me range!

11:11 Zeresh oh I am sorry Sandi, I am not in the mood to talk to Dawn or Lisa today I have been with Jesse longer and while you keep testing me, I am going to allow you to have your way baby! 3J knows who stands him tall and he knows who knocks him down, I don’t argue with you baby! I told you not to run, now you want to trip… WE KNOW THEY ARE PAYING YOU TO MAKE MY LIFE DIFFICULT no comment you don;t submit to your own husband so what can I do with you, nothing!

11:05 am That is how I know he was dead when they called, it took too long and they shorted him out just like the drugs BLAGO tried to force on me would have done! That is why I cannot take drugs! Make sense now! He was already dead if you listen to the 911 call the operator knew it! He knew MJ was on the bed! But we cannot go in until they call. Why did my 911 call not go thru, redirecting calls again hun, did you know that a 911 call can be made and calls can be redirected? I know this because I designed the program why do you think I hide behind my Homeland Seuroity face! You SHOWED MY FACE why don’t I take picture not because I am unattractive you know better than that not LisaRaye cute but I hold my own! He EXPOSED my face! Mell did they PIMP Patti off! Yeah I know!

11:02 am Good Job Motorola who designed my GPS Systems? TRUE!

10:58 am While trying to SAVE Pastor Jenkins I took my eye off MJ see what I mean now, last time he was in Chicago Eddie was at Pastor Jenkins Church (lost notes on BP) Willie and Pat was present See what I mean now! Yeah now you want to talk! I got it all on tape now what you gonna say! I did this to PROTECT YOU they knew I was coming EVERY ROOM I AM IN is wired for sound, does that make sense now? Not because I don;t care because I do! Don;t burn out your chip:)

10:55 pm Thank God I chipped Bobby Rush before they got him, you did not complain when I save your life when you were back in Cuba, by the way…black people did not make those chips (GPS) that I have designed to keep you alive, in case you did not hear me, you are all chipped you are welcome!

10:49 am Reading to the people in my Facebook Page! Yes Rev Bass Todd is there too he knew they wanted the take the money and run deals until people started disappearing they would get over and not be heard from again, can I give you an example Frank Clark was about to DRAIN the city of Chicago get a pay of and run!

10:47 am YES FRANK BASS they took all of this from me, I opened all of these doors and now.. this! I see you! His uncle (family) raised me you heard me say I wanted Pastor Bass to marry me off!

10:41 am I will stand as “Billie Jean” his first wife YES I will see to it he will rest in dignity, I am not going to let him go down in shame. Prince, Paris, Blanket Daddy did not want you to suffer from being black, he wanted you to be treated not for the color of your skin but for being you, I am right here babies!

10:37 am What do you think BOYZ IN DA HOOD mean, my HOOD has been good enough to hold you all this time now you curse it. I have worked so hard to bring “peace” and “unity” MJ did not die at the hands of a White Man, he died at the hands of blacks. He was dead when they called him that was a set up just like Carl Bell, they are paid to spread bad needles, Who is treating Ted Turner, Dr. Bell told me you are bipolar too! Who is writing your Rx! I worked to show hoe with hard work you could been seen as equal what did I do all of that for, in the right place & right time! You can be who you want to be if you work for it, now I have go go to my A GAME??? No baby you were delivered from slaver and you wanted to go bad go take your sorry tails back and I will move forth!

10:31 am You know who is setting you up and why, you figure out what I just said, all of this over Lisa, he is acting a fool like this for Lisa (or Dawn) yeah okay! Out of all of my years I have never been touched like this, EVER and now this! Who is next? Like I told Danny you think he won’t come after you if he cut my head off like this? Yeah OK!

10:28 am Hey Momma and Janet I am coming home this is it! I am coming home I promise! Yes the Jackson Family is watching!

10:25 am Ed (Smith) they took my Michael, they took my baby! My baby you know how hard Debbie worked to make that dream come true! Ed Smith! I did all of this to SAVE YOU ALL! I lost my baby to be told how much I am unwanted! Ed my MJ???

10:22 am Yes that was me prying to keep Calvin out of jail! I am here until 12 then I am getting back in bed, I am weak and tired!

10:20 pm Did you know Smooth Operator (video) was based off me dancing at the Clique that was me and the Clique Dancers! That is why WAK saw that so good EVERYBODY knows me for MJ that is all I did!

10:19 am I want you to REMEMBER THE TIME we made history! In the City of Chicago and why am I so popular!

10:14 pm Today I am CoCo Taylor!

10:13 pm Hey Pat & Bob, you did tell them I said NO they cannot have the Olympics and for that Hull House and it’s staff can be VERY PROUD, YES they were doing that for ME, now you can’t have NONE of it, let Lisa do something!

10:08 pm Why is Derrek Lee in the room, I heard you saw Torrence and Harris, Hey DJ and Deja! They went after Ed & Anne Burke because they know I can go Supreme on this case, is Tony and Frank in the room too!

10:07 pm Naming all in the room, I told them where I would be, Hey Calvin I see Walter! Hey Uncle Ed (Burke) crying I can’t stop!

10:05 am My Facebook is watching! Good Morning Miguel!

9:56 am Top Moments of the BET AWARDS:
1. Intro w/ New Edition

2. Jaimie Fox, you a fool boy but you made me smile in the middle of all my pain, thank you… you so STUPID! WANDA

3. Blame is on the Alcohol WILD ONE I LOVE YOU, give the drummer some PLEASE!

4. When I got on the TOUR BUS with Keith Sweat, GUY BBD and Family buses are rolling! And of course seeing my Daddy, MJ was working the keyboards, did you see him in the corner, NO they were not holding Eddie down he is covered with my hood:)

Finding reason to even want to SPEAK are far and few I don’t have nothing I want to say. To City Council, do YOU see how HARD I worked to OPEN that door for you. Do you see the blood, sweat and tears that was paid so YOU could sit there. You slammed the door in your own faces and you want me to help you WHAT??? See how I was in control of the Olympics now? does that give you a better picture? NO MORE BLESSINGS I would not care what happens to this city, I am going home to be near my baby, I can’t even go say goodbye to him! I cannot say GOODBYE to my baby and you want what…

To esteem a Cedric, a Torrence a sorry ass Pippen, over all that LOVE! For Lisa so she can sit her ass in my seat, you can’t, won’t, and do not know WHAT you just did. I could not have made her if it were not my love from him and this is what all of those years paid off to! Katie Mc Coy is a target hun! Sorry if I don;t make that funeral! Only telling what I heard!

9:27 am It is painfully obvious I do not have the FAMILY, SUPPORT and FRIENDS I need here so I am MOVING and I am NEVER returning to Chicago! You need no formal notice this is it! I have some place to go. I should have followed the rules but no I had to do my won thing, giving up all that was set up for me, law school… my business, to be somebody… I was not supposed to have children and I did it anyway, so OK now they took them and they cannot explain why and I don;t even care, what is going to happen is still going to happen when I leave it will just happen sooner because they FORCED me to go! Star with who I told you to FIRST!

9:16 am I bet they think I am joking when I said this is my LAST court appearance don;t they, no matter what happens I am not going back to court, or anything else after this next appearance, if the father’s want their children that bad, baby you know what, they can have them. I am not staying in Chicago, PERIOD! End of Story! To think of all I did, all of my work, pain and now this???

I would not be who I am, all of my blessings without my love, friendship and bond I shared with Michael. I don’t care if you believe that or not. I took care of them all their lives, single mother on welfare trying to raise decent normal children. Well up until now it works and you want to judge me by some LESBIAN CULT of IDOL WORSHIPERS who can be paid off, you compare my life’s achievements and judge me by a NOBODY like Felicia Poindexter (who has no children and is a rebellious Muslim trying to control me, I am NOT a FREAKING MUSLIM) and Kyla Sutton, she don’t like her child what makes you think she can determine what is best for mines.

You cannot use your hate for white people to PUNISH me for my love of them! that is all this is about I said I have friends of the KLAN then they called me crazy, this is not about anything I have done but who I know! Now I am going home, YOU PUSHED ME OVER THE EDGE!

Like I said after this July 9, 2009 Court Date at 1:30 pm I am FINISHED I am moving on and they can say what they want about me after I am gone. They have ALL done such a good job of tearing me down this far, so this is it. Dare Me and prove me. My lease is up in August, I will NOT be renewing it I am sending the children their things and moving on! DJ is comfortable being with Monique (FINE) I AM free! They did not want me to have babies anyway I broke the rules and now… Now!

9:04 pm I have worked so hard to open doors, to make ways and now you have touched my baby and without him, NONE OF THIS will mean anything! I could PRETEND this

9:02 am Good Morning Barbara Starr, my Pentagon room is talking. In this room I cannot explain what they are saying this is the CLASSIFIED ROOM! Sorry I am back to being fully owned and operated by the US Government now! Sorry you pushed them too hard, I cannot get in the way now! I would not help anyone of them if I could! I might say something, I might not!

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